Thursday, May 19, 2011

West Coast Classic Entry Forms now available

Entry forms are now available for the WCRA's premiere event, West Coast Classic. You can download the entry form from the WCRA's website. Entry Fees must be postmarked by June 15th.
Volunteers and Sponsors are needed in order to make this show a success. So even if you aren't planning to show, what a great opportunity to get involved and learn more about the sport of reining from the ground level.

DONATE to the West Coast Classic Wine Auction ~ be part of the fun and help raise funds for the show
* each bottle donated will be tagged with the donor's name or business card
* members, friends & businesses are all encouraged to donate

Call Sharon 604 202-9131 to arrange for drop off in person at the WCC or with a sealed bid by mail as an individual or form a bidding group

BID on the wine collections:
(All wines and donors will be listed on the West Coast Classic website)

1. WINE COLLECTION #1 all wines valued at $25 or over
2. WINE COLLECTION #2 all wines valued at under $25

Place all of the bottles on a table and let each person choose one bottle in rotation or Get together & divide the bottles by:
* wine varietals and have wine tastings
* price range and have wine tastings
* countries and have theme dinners for each country
the options are endless!
For full details please visit the West Coast Classic website at

So how about it, Sliders?? Should we donate as a club a few bottles? Would members be interested in getting together to put forward a bid for one of the collections??

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