Thursday, April 21, 2011

Randy Ophus Reining Clinic

Pictures (All taken from Randy's web page)

Randy Ophus of Ophus Performance Horses in Vanderhoof, BC, will be coming to Williams Lake to do a reining clinic, June 11, 12th. Visit Randy's website for more information or to contact him about participating in this clinic.

Overcoming Obstacles

We had a very successful clinic this past weekend, and those of us that participated came away with new knowledge and renewed commitment to continue to work on becoming better horsemen/women, and developing a positive relationship with our horses. This is the fourth clinic in 3 years that we, as a club have offered in the 100 Mile area. When talking with people, there always seems to be a lot of initial interest in participating in horsemanship clinics, and a level of excitement about bring outside talent to our small town. But once the plans are in place, the enthusiasm seems to wane....and the excuses start to horse is out of shape, I"M out of shape, my trailer isn't working, I'm not good enough, MY horse isn't good enough, I can't afford get the picture...
I have been pondering this for a while. Why do we put road blocks n our own way, and look for reasons to NOT participate? Is it a lack of confidence? Is it apathy? Is it the fear of the unknown?

I was reading an article by world renowned personal performance coach, Barbra Schultz, and I really liked what she had to say on the topic. The following is an exerpt from her article entitled "Arguing For Your Limitations":

"...Without disciplining ourselves to replace negative thoughts about feared outcomes with their positive counterparts (from all the physical details to the feeling of it), we get random to poor results. Our natural tendencies can be: · To see things as they were today, or were yesterday. · To actually ARGUE for our weaknesses by giving a million reasons why things won't get better. · To feel safe talking about future events as not working out because there is no failure if we never expect to succeed. · To blind ourselves of our own gifts and gorgeous personal potential as if we are deeply asleep to all the good in ourselves (and sometimes in our horses) ... someone needs to tell us to "Wake Up"! · To feel badly or frustrated or angry and then perpetuate a cycle of negativity until it becomes the way we think. But here's the great news. If you can relate to any of the above points, you CAN break out of those patterns and visualize an outcome you desire by telling a powerful story of your greatness. I know that might sound corny, but it is absolutely true for you and everyone. It's right there inside of you. It's your choice. It's up to you. Have fun with it! Friends and family can be supportive, but ultimately it's the story you tell about yourself and your horse that determines your future success."

Now how many of us have felt like that??
I give HUGE kudos to the individuals that could have SO EASILY found a good reason to "Argue for their Limitations" and not taken part in Gus's clinic this past weekend. Consider the following participant(s) that TOOK PART and were:
a) 5 months pregnant
b) hard of hearing (how do you work with a clinician when you can't hear what he is saying?)
c) recovering physically and emotionally from a serious fall off her horse
d) suffering from severe rhumatoid arthritis
e) financially strapped
f) needing a horse to ride because hers was lame
g) worried because she had never done arena riding before

So, if you have ever Argued for YOUR limitations, try to consider the alternative. As Barbara says you can break that pattern and visualize an outcome that will tell a story of you and your greatness!

The Reininthesun committee is bringing Barbara to the Armstrong Fairgrounds, May 14th and 15th. There are 30 spots available to attend-15 for reiners and 15 for cutters. Check out the web page for more information if you are ready to move past your (self imposed) limitations and tell a story about your greatness!

Gus Clinic Follow Up

Last weekend, we had the extreme good fortune to work with reining trainer and AQHA horseman, Gus Evangelopoulos, at the beautiful Easy Go ranch in Lac la Hache.

Gus was quickly able to hone in on each participants individual needs and work with each horse rider combination to help them achieve their goals for the weekend.

Nicola & Bart

Nicola brought Bart the first night in the hopes that Gus would be able to work with him to make him a more willing and responsive partner for her on the trail. By the time Gus was finished with him on Friday night, we were teasing Gus that Bart was ready to be his next reining horse prospect!! Under our noses, and almost without us realizing what was happening, Gus was able to get Bart into a willing frame of mind, going from being aggressive and pushy to being light and responsive. The next day, Nicola rode Bart and was able to get him into a walk, trot and lope on a loose rein, as well as picking up some riding tips from Gus.

Don and
Don came to the clinic hoping to build on his horsemanship skills. Gus was able to give him a few subtle tips that helped to transform his relationship with his mare, again, making her more light, willing and responsive. Don was impressed by how a few minor adjustments could make such a big difference in how his mare responded to him.

Val and

After watching Gus work with everyone on Friday, Val made the decision to come out and ride on Saturday. After recovering from a serious accident, Val was hoping to rebuild her confidence on the back of a horse. Gus was more than impressed with Val's courage, and reaffirmed that she is indeed a good rider and with a lot of skills and knowledge.

Casandra & Cee

Always happy to take the opportunity to ride with Gus, Casandra made the trip up from Kamloops and was more than happy to put a ride on "Cee", Don's young filly, that she put some time on last spring. Gus has been a strong supporter of Casandra over the years and she was glad to spend some quality "horse time" with him again.

Tanya and Monty

Tanya came to the clinic with the hopes of learning the skills to be able to get her gelding, Monty to pick up the correct lead going to the left. Her continued persistence paid off, and by the end of the weekend, she, most importantly, had the knowledge to be able to continue to work on Monty to help him become more consistent. Those of us on the ground were able to watch and learn as well, and will hopefully be able to support Tanya, as she continues to work with Monty.

Tiffany and Gypsy

Tiffany came to the clinic with her newly acquired gelding, Gypsy,which she hopes to show this year in reining and working cow. Gus reaffirmed for her that she "has a lot of horse". Her gelding is an incredible athlete with a big motor. Tiffany came away from the clinic with some tools to help keep him calm and quiet. We are all looking forward to seeing them in the show pen!!

Mandy & Frenchy

Mandy brought her up and coming 3 year old prospect looking for some tips and ideas to move forward with her training. Gus was impressed with the work that Mandy had accomplished so far with the filly, and was able to give Mandy some tools to help her to get to the next level with Frenchy.

Dawnna & Moke

Dawnna and Moke? Well, lets just say they had some "issues" to work through. Gus's belief that you face issues and work through them, ending up with a better partnership with your horse, proved to be a philosophy that we were all able to embrace by the end of the weekend. Dawnna and Moke persevered, and by Sunday, you could see that they are a going to be strong contenders in the show pen this season!

Bella & Chico

And that After realizing that my own horse Jewel was still lame and I was not going to be able to ride her, I was extremely grateful to the numerous individuals who made me offers of horses I could ride in her place. I ended up riding Chico, Mandy's lovely gelding. It turned out to be the right horse for me for the weekend. Being the perfect gentleman, Chico allowed me to focus on my own riding and horsemanship skills. Riding without a sturrip, and without rein contact, trying to find my balance, Chico never took a wrong step. I'm not quite ready for a bridleless, saddleless freestyle yet, but hopefully I came away with a better feel and a better seat, and as a result will be a more confident, balanced rider.
On behalf of all the participants, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Gus for coming to the Cariboo, and sharing his skill and knowledge with us. We all came away with some new knowledge and skills and that is the ultimate accomplishment for any clinic.
For any of the participants, I would welcome your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below!
I would also like to thank Pete Mclennan for taking all the great pictures. I have CD's of ALL your pictures for each participant.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

100 Mile Slilders proudly present a Gus Evangelopoulos Reining Clinic/Schooling Show

There are still a few spots available for our upcoming Gus Evangelopoulos Reining/Horsemanship clinic, April 15/16 at Easy Go Ranch in Lac la Hache. Cost to Sliders members is 200.00 and 250.00 for non members. The clinic will be followed on Sunday with a beginner reining schooling show. No need for fancy gear, you can ride 2 handed in beginner reining patterns-no lead changes.
If you are unable to attend the clinic you can come out to participate in the schooling show, with 15.00 entry fee per class.
For more information or to book your spot in the clinic, please contact Mandy at 250-397-2960 or email at

STALLION SPOTLIGHT # 3-Colonels Smoking Gun (aka "Gunner)

I couldn't do a stallion Spotlight without including at least one APHA stallion. "Gunner" made a name for himself in the APHA world before he hit the big time. He was double registered as an AQHA stud when the white rules were relaxed, and was registered with AQHA as Colonels Smoking Gun. It was there that he hit the big time taking the NRHA circuit by storm. The following information is taken from his website, where he currently stands at McQuay Stables, in Texas. Click on the image for a larger view. Note his 2011 stud fee: 8,500.00!!

This is another sire that has proven his worth by out producing himself. He puts his stamp on his babies that are often recognizable by their big white face, and "floppy" ears. Gunner was deaf, and despite this genetic flaw, which he frequently passes on to his offspring, his babies are still highly in demand in the reining world.

This is a You Tube Clip of Gunner in his semi final run at the USET semi finals.

We are lucky to have a Gunner son standing in our midst, as Jill Hamming of our WCRA Kamloops Chapter is currently standing BH Gunners Enterpriz, aka 'Rex", an own son of Gunner.

Jill and "Rex"

According to Jill's Facebook page, "Rex" is a proud father of 4 2011 fillies, all with the splashy paint color, passed down through those strong Gunner genes!! Be sure to look for Jill and Rex at all the WCRA/NRHA sanctioned shows!

Sliders Executive Change

The 100 Mile Sliders would like to thank Randy Brodaway, for his service to the club as he will be stepping down as our Vice President. Randy has been instrumental in getting the Sliders started, and has been an active member since it's inception. We wish Randy all the best, and look forward to his ongoing involvement with the Sliders.

(Randy with cutting trainer Dale Shel, 2010 Horse Bazaar)

Tiffany Vaughn will step into the role of Vice President for the remainder of the 2011 year. Tiffany has also been involved with the Sliders from the beginning, and we look forward to having her take on a leadership role with the Sliders.

Tiffany and Sliders president, Dawnna, 100 Mile Horse Bazaar, 2010

Tiffany and Bandit, WCRA's 2009 "Riverslide"

For Sale

PR DOUBLE EAGLE is a 1995 APHA reg. homozygous tobiano paint stallion. He has sired 50-50 colts and fillies, is sound and broke to ride. You can hand breed with him or field cover, he has had 100 % conception to date.
He is easy to catch , halter and work with. Offered with semi herd dispersal for sale, for more info or pics e-mail or call 250 397 2897

Test Your Juding Ability

Here is the latest installment of "You Be the Judge". How would you score this spin??

Monday, April 4, 2011

Carl Woods Clinic Follow Up

The success of the Carl Woods Clinic at Easy Go is easily seen, when he is already almost fully booked to come back on June 11-12th! Carl's easy going manner, and ability to focus in on the individual needs of each rider, is proving to be a winning combination. Many thanks to Easy Go Ranch for bringing Carl to the Cariboo! And a special thanks from me (to Easy Go) for giving me a stand in horse to ride, as my mare Jewel, has come up lame :(


Photos- My Apologies for the poor quality...My camera doesn't like indoor arenas...

Amber Crutchley and her lovely gelding...

Ellie checking out the flag

Kim McDonald, riding a mare brought up by Carl

Tina Chestnut, and Roo? (by Genuine Jeepers) getting some pointers from Carl.

Laura Sperling and her new mare, Gypsy