Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Meeting On Wednesday

1) Follow up to the bazaar
2) Our LYNDA SMITH clinic/show coming up fast-we need confirmation on numbers, commitment from volunteers, plans for lunches, do we want to do a potluck or??? necessary paper work, etc. If you can come to the meeting to help it would be greatly appreciated! Even if you don't plan to participate as a rider, please support your club by volunteering some time to this event!!

2nd Annual 100 Mile Horse Bazaar is a success!

#1, AND 2 Clinician Dale Shel, explaining and demonstrating the finer points of cutting
# 3 Clinician, Sharon Gates explaining the finer points of reining
# 4 Casandra, Bella and Kim manning our "Sliders" booth. Thanks also to Tiffany and Shelly for putting in some time in the booth this weekend!!
# 5 Dawnna-our club president, also putting in her time, while she "multi tasks"!!
# 6 Clinician and local farrier, Ron Burfoot and his horses, demonstrating how to play "teeter totter"!! How cool was that!!


Congratulations and THANK YOU to all those people who helped to make our Second annual Horse bazaar a success. Despite the smaller venue, we still had a pretty good turn out especially on Saturday, and those who came were treated to a number of great horsey related booths with local club information, tack, art work, farm equipment, and riding apparel. As well, we had numerous awesome demonstrations on Saturday, and Sunday including reining, cutting, packing, driving, roping, and crowd favorite, our own local farrier, Ron Burfoot, "playing" with his horses. On Saturday, we got a look at some spectacular stallions in our stallion showcase, and on Sunday, we saw a number of quality horses for sale at the Sale Horse preview.
Saturday Night, we had a small crowd come out to the Farrier Pub for a dinner and auction sale, that was a lot of fun! Many thanks to all those who donated items to our sale, and to those people who bought from the auction. 
Events like these are vital to our "Horse community" in 100 Mile, and they don't happen without a lot of time, effort and commitment from many people, including the organizers, donators of their time and items offered to the auction sale, the use of the facility and  the generosity of the demonstrators who are willing to come to our community to showcase their knowledge, skill, and their fine quality horses.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Picture (taken from Google Images)

Well I met my weight loss goal this year, but what about my horse related goals:

1) Ride at least once a week-I'd like to do more, but my job makes it difficult through the week. Once a week is realistic for me right now...
2) Compete in at least 3 reining shows (Kamloops and the 2 WCRA shows in Chillwack) Again I'd like to do more, but tight finances will dictate here....
3) No PENALTY points in my classes. (Tough!, but doable....)
4) Master Flying Lead Changes (with help-Casandra, Sherri and anyone else, I WILL get this... )
5) Compete in at least one Non Pro class with a full NRHA pattern (this will happen after I have the lead change thing down...)
6) This isn't really MY goal, but a team goal of having my 3 year old compete in at least one show this season-will depend on her readiness, and trainer's discretion
7) I'm SCARED to state this one in public BUT- here it is...Compete in one freestyle class (I hope there is still beginner freestyle....)

SO there it is out in the public for all to see. Now, I'd like to see yours! Post your goals in the comments section under this post. By stating your goals out loud, and making them public, you make them REAL!! Don't leave me hanging here!!


If you have been coming regularly to look at my blog, you will notice that it looks different!! I get bored with things, so I decided to update the look of the blog, hopefully for the better!! I've picked a new template background, switched the side bar elements to right side of the blog, and added a different header picture. This was taken during our Sherri Thomson Reining clinic last spring.
On the sidebar, I've added a New "What's Happening, Let's Go!" Link. This has dates of reining shows, and clinics and other things of interest, with direct links to the relevant sites. It is organized by dates so hopefully it will help you plan more easily what events you want to attend!
Also, on the side, I've posted a gadget that will allow you to directly link this site to your Facebook or Twitter page, so you can help spread the word about our club. 

IF YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO ADD AN EVENT, TO THE "WHAT'S HAPPENING" SIDEBAR, PLEASE E MAIL ME THE INFO, WITH AN ATTACHED LINK TO YOUR SITE (Please keep it reining related, or at least something horsey related that our members may be interested in...) 

Reading A Score Card

The first time I entered a reining class, and went to see my score after my run, (the score cards are usually posted once the class is finished), I needed an interpreter to understand what I was looking at!! 
So here is an example of a score card with some scores. (Click on image for a larger view) I will explain MY understanding on the first few scores. Then there is the test:

1. Note at the top of the card "Maneuver Scores"-Judges can award or detract points from each maneuver from -11/2 up to +11/2
2. "Maneuver Description"- Depending on the pattern, Judges write in the description of each maneuver in the order they are to be performed. 
RC (Right circles-includes large fast and small slow)
RS (Right spins-in NRHA patterns that includes 4 spins)
LC (Left circles-includes large fast and small slow)
LS (Left spins- includes 4 spins)
8 (this is a figure 8 maneuver with a flying lead change both directions)
LRB (this includes a sliding stop with a roll back to the left)
RRB (this includes a sliding stop with a roll back to the right)
SB (this includes a sliding stop with a back up)

3.  Riders start with a score of 70. They are given a score of "0" if they perform the maneuver correctly. The judge can award "bonus" marks (up to 11/2 points) or can assign "minus" marks (up to -11/2). These scores are recored in the "SCORE" box. If the rider has a penalty on any maneuver, the penalty marks go in the "PENALTY " box for that maneuver. Read my prior post on what constitutes a penalty!! 

Maneuver 1 (Right Circles) No + or - points so he stays at 70
Maneuver 2(Right Spins)  He did the maneuver "good" so he was awarded a +1/2 BUT he got a 1/2 penalty! (possibly over or under spun-a common penalty in this maneuver) 
Maneuver 3 (Left Circles) - He did "good"so he earned a +1/2
Maneuver 4 (Left Spins)- he scored a -1/2. (some reasons for this are not being on your marker, or incorrect pivot foot, or resistance in the horse)
Maneuver 5 (Figure 8, lead changes) He performed this maneuver correctly, scoring a "0", BUT he got a penalty point (This could possibly be for not switching leads through center)
Maneuvers 6-8- He performed "good" on his stops, rollbacks and backups so scored +1/2 on each of these maneuvers. 
START at 70 add 2 and 1/2 points for plus scores, and take away a -1/2 for maneuver #4=72 NOW MINUS his Penalty Points (1 and 1/2) = FINAL SCORE 70 1/2

You will notice that he got a "0" Score in the Penalty box for Maneuver #4 (Left Spins) A "0" Score indicates that you have done something wrong-gone off pattern for example, so will receive a final Score of "0". THIS IS BAD!!-but very common-ALL RIDERS GET THIS SCORE A SOME POINT! Even the pros!! The judge will mark the rest of your pattern though, so you still can see how you performed.

SO, Here is the Test: 
1. See if you can determine how the judge arrived at his final score for Draw #3 (I want this ride!!)
2. On runs 4 and 5, What are the assessed penalty points? What is the final score for each rider? Post your answers in the COMMENTS box-NO Cheating (by looking at other people's answers first) HINT!! These are scores more typical of beginner riders(ME!!)

ALSO, If you have read my description, and see any mistakes I've made, please post a comment and correct me!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Three On Friday

A little Britches "Mutton Buster" (taken from the Outriders website)
Farrier Pub (taken from Royal LePage Realty website)

Some reminders as we head into the weekend:
1) We are meeting on Wednesday at 6:00 at the Farrier Pub at the 103 to discuss: 
a) Our Lynda Smith Clinic/ Schooling Show 
b) Final Plans details for the Horse Bazaar

a) For the Little Britches Rodeo and 100 Mile Rodeo weekend (May Long Weekend)
b) For the Horse Bazaar (March 27/28th)
c) For the Lynda Smith Clinic/Schooling Show (April 9-11)
If you are available on any of these dates and are willing to donate some of your time to support your club, please contact myself, or Randy or Dawnna

3) We want to put together a float/group ride/something for the 100 Mile parade on the May Long Weekend in 100 Mile, which is the kick off to the Little Britches, and 100 Mile Rodeo. If you would like to ride your horse in the parade, that would be great, but we will also put together a float or something of the sort that we can sit on and show some SLIDER PRIDE to get the word out about our club. So if you are member we hope to see you participate in this event. Dawnna still has Slider T Shirts for sale at a great price for members, so pick one up and join us for a fun day!!

Wildwood Reining to host Vern Sapergia Clinic

Pictures-Vern Sapergia (Taken from Google Images)

Sharon Gates of Wildwood Reining will be hosting a Vern Sapergia Reining clinic Friday April 16-Sunday April 18th at her facility in Hanceville. 
You will not get another opportunity to see such a world renowned reining trainer so close to home!!
Vern Sapergia spawned a reining dynasty, producing a family full of world class reiners, including Shawna  and Cody Sapergia, both of whom have achieved national and international reining success.
"With a lifetime of experience both  in the pen and teaching others the art of reining, Vern’s “Step by Step” approach to training is a solid program born of decades of practical experience. Vern has coached riders and competed all over the world. Currently, he is coaching and showing mostly in Europe, but has agreed to teach this three day clinic in the Chilcotin! Don’t miss an opportunity to learn from one of the best in the industry!"

For more details on this fantastic opportunity, see Sharon's website at:   http://www.wildwoodreining.bc.ca/ (check out the "events" link)

Even if you can't afford to participate, we should send a "100 Mile contingent" to go and watch this wold class clinician. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Not Sure About Reining Patterns?? 
The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) has 10 patterns that judges can choose from, for any NRHA class. Each pattern is a variation on a set number of required manoeuvres including large fast circles, small slow circles, spins in both directions, flying lead changes, roll backs sliding stops, and backup. All of these patterns are to be completed one handed in an approved NRHA bit. The ten patterns can be seen here.

The WCRA, in its attempt to encourage their beginner riders to become involved in the sport have adopted 3 MODIFIED patterns, taking out some of the more difficult manoeuvers, and allowing the riders the option of riding 2 handed. You can view these modified patterns here:

AS you will see in my prior post, our schooling show will focus on the WCRA modified patterns, in OUR attempt to encourage you to come out and try a reining class in a supportive, non threatening environment.
The other 2 classes in our show are also both WCRA adaptations of NRHA patterns:
WCRA Beginner Horse is a class designed for people who want to put their young horse into a full NRHA class, but have the option to ride 2 handed. At most WCRA shows, you will see many trainers using this class to give their young prospects some show experience.
WCRA Beginner NRHA class, is a class designed for those people who feel they are ready to try a full NRHA pattern, but still have the option to ride the class 2 handed. 

100 Mile Sliders Presents Lynda Smith Reining/Horsemanship Clinic/Schooling Show

100 Mile Sliders Proudly Presents

Slide Into Spring


April 9,10,11, 2010


100 Mile Sliders are pleased to offer 3 days of packed reining fun, from beginner to advanced riders. Join Lynda Smith of Maple Ridge Level 2 EC Reining Coach and BC Horse Council Coach of the Year (2000), for a Friday/Saturday reining/horsemanship clinic and a Sunday reining schooling show. 

Reining is designed to highlight the athletic ability of the “ranch type” horse in the confines of the show arena. Often referred to as “western dressage”, it requires great horsemanship to achieve the willfully guided or controlled horse that shows no resistance.

Of course most of us have not achieved that level, and that is why we all need a lesson or two to get started or to get better. So please join us in making our first clinic/show a success.   

Clinic will run as follows, with 2-3 people per group. Please let us know if you are a beginner rider or you have a very beginner horse and we will try to group accordingly.


1:00-2:30 Group A
2:30-4:00 Group B
4:00-5:30 Group C
6:00-7:30 Group D
7:30-9:00 Group E

9:00-10:30 Group A
10:30-12:00 Group B
12:30-2:00 Group C
2:00-3:30 Group D
3:330-5:00 Group E

Sunday schooling show 10:00 start time.



Two days with 1 ½ hours of riding in each session.


Clinic only_______$ 125.00

Clinic and show_______$ 150.00 

(Show only: see entry below)

Riders name _________________

Horses name__________________

phone #_______________________

Number of years riding________________________________

Main discipline of riding __________________

Level of experience of horse ______________

Checks payable to: 100 Mile Sliders Reining Club


email: mpincott@live.com or call Mandy (leave message) 250-397-2960

 To enter clinic and show

May enter show the day of.

Schooling show class list 


Beginner A

WCRA Modified A


Beginner B

WCRA Modified B


Green as grass

(jog/trot) WCRA modified A


Beginner Reiner Open

WCRA Modified C


Beginner Horse Open

NRHA pattern 8


Beginner NRHA Pattern

NRHA pattern 4


Beginner Freestyle

REQUIRED  -a three-minute time limit starts at the beginning of the music or the beginning of the introduction (whichever is first) and ends with the music or when the rider indicates that the run is complete.

Minimum - one large fast and one small slow circle in each direction

Minimum - 3 consecutive spins in each direction

Minimum - one rollback in each direction

Minimum - one stop and back up.

Classes 1-4 and 7 do not contain lead changes and any legal NRHA headgear may be used. Classes 5 and 6 contain lead changes and may be ridden two handed if in a snaffle bit.







Class# entered ____/____/____/____/____/_____/____

Sliders member: _______ x $12.00 = $_______

Nonmembers:    _______ x $15.00 = $_______

Or $ 50.00 for the show day.............$ _______

Remember this is a fun weekend there is no need for clipping, bathing, fancy clothes or tack!!


I hereby release Western Canadian Reining Assn, 100 mile sliders reining club and all volunteers or representatives from any loss or damage or injury that may occur and it shall be the condition of entry that each exhibitor shall hold the show management blameless of any loss or accident to his or her horse or horse’s equipment, any accident or injury that may happen to the rider/handler of any horse during the event. All owners and exhibitors will be held responsible for any damage incurred by them or their agents tot the barns or properties on the show grounds and will be billed accordingly.

Signature: ______________________________________________

Signature or parent or guardian (18 and under)__________________________________

Riders 18 years and under must wear an approved helmet

CLICK THE LINK TO GET THE ABOVE ENTRY FORM OT BY E MAILING MYSELF (isabella.macquarrie2sd27.bc.ca) or MANDY (mpincott@live.com)


Completed forms can be mailed to:

 Isabella MacQuarrie

C 26 Crossraods

RR#1 Lone Butte, BC V0K 1X0

Details on location, and stabling if required will be available shortly. 

Info for The West Coast Classic and WEG Team Selection Finals

If there is ONE reining show you plan to attend this season, this should be it! As one of the premiere reining shows in Western Canada, and now the site of the World Equestrian Games Team Selection, it is sure to attract some of the best reining talent in Canada! Not to mention that it is organized and hosted by our Lower Mainland WCRA affiliate club! The website for the West Coast Classic and the World Equestrian Game Canadian Team Selection finals has been launched. The website is http://www.westcoastclassic.info/

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Carl Woods Clinic at Easy Go

PICTURES-Carl Woods-taken from Carl's website

Easy Go Ranch is sponsoring a Carl Woods clinic. The price is right, so get out there for some quality instruction!!
TO OBTAIN A SPOT, CONTACT Elli Meinert at Easygo Ranch (250) 396-7556
April 3 and 4 2010 starting at 9am both days runs until we are done
Price is $50 for a private one hour lesson

Carl will work on basic Horsemanship, Reining, working the flag, roping (dummy only), have done a little Western Pleasure too.. 
Everybody is encouraged to stay and watch the other lessons..

Read more about Carl Woods at his web site


Application forms are now available for our Island Chapter WCRA/NRHA affiliated show, ROCKSLIDE. The show runs MAY 7-9th. Check out some cool added classes for us rookies!!
Rockslide with a Twist-open to non pro riders, two handed option, modified pattern, and rider need not own the horse
Rockslide Prime on the Rock-for riders 45 years and older, with a modified pattern. 
WCRA members should have received an e mail with application forms, or it is available on the WCRA website.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Pictures (Courtesy of Lynda's facebook page Lynda with some of her prospects. 
Bottom Picture-Lynda, and Sherea Williams 2010 prospect "Suddenly Smart"
Here is a some information on Lynda Smith, who will be conducting a reining/horsemanship clinic, in 100 Mile on April 9/10, and then judging our Reining Schooling show on April 11th.

Lynda Smith attained her Western Coaching Level 1 in 1997. In 1998 & 1999 she apprenticed with an established Reining Horse trainer. Also in 1999, Lynda Smith and APHA 'Justin's Tyke' were named WCRA Open & Novice Horse Open Champions. She also won the BCRA Breeders Classic 3 yr. old Futurity on 'Docz Sunup Play'.
The fall of 1999, saw Lynda move to the Lower Mainland of BC, to start her own business, Mane Stream Reining. After spending countless hours traveling, to teach Horsemanship to all that would listen, Lynda was honored by the Horse Council of BC as "Coach of the Year 2000". She successfully completed her Level 2 Reining Coach certification in 2001.
Competing on National and International levels, Lynda Smith has proven herself as a competitor winning a number of Open Reining Championships through 2007. Notably, competing in the NRHA Futurity 2002 on 'Lacys Dun Dual'n' then the pair earned 5 Reining Canada Top 10 honors in 2003.  WCRA Open awards in 2004 with 'Ole San Cocoa Lena', then 3 Yr Old Futurity Wins on 1/2 Arab "Miss Mellie" & Appaloosa "Savanna Jackson" against a field of Quarter Horses in 2007.
As a coach, Lynda has encouraged over 160 riders to enter the Reining pen and become a part of the sport.  From Green as Grass beginners through Rookie to Non-Pro, she has produced calm, focussed riders who excel at their levels.  Lynda's patience and clear explanations make her riding lessons and clinics an exciting learning experience.
After a 2 year break from riding and training, 2010 has seen Lynda return to the Reining world. She currently has 15 regular students in the Lower Mainland of BC and is finishing AQHA "Suddenly Smart" (owned by Sherea Williams) to be her Open competition horse this year. Lynda Smith is a certified EC Level 2 Reining Coach. She is the process of becoming certified to EC Level 3 Reining as well as pursuing her NRHA Judges Card.

100 Mile Sliders to Host Lynda Smith Reining/Horsemanship Clinic/Schooling Show

Picture: Courtesy of Lynda Smith-Lynda and her 2007 open NRHA Futurity win

We are proud to announce that we will be hosting a Lynda Smith reining/horsemanship clinic, backed with a reining schooling show, on FRIDAY, APRIL 9th-SUNDAY, APRIL 11th. This is a great opportunity to get some quality instruction, and then to put your new learning to the test in a non stressful, supportive setting, with constructive feedback. Clinic participants will sign up in groups of 1-3 for one and a half hour sessions with Lynda on Friday and Saturday. Then on Sunday, we will have a schooling show, with many WCRA modified classes, for beginners, as well as a freestyle class, and an full NRHA pattern class, for the brave at heart!!
A full brochure and sign up will be available shortly, which I will post on the blog. In the meantime, if you would like more specific information you may contact me 250-593-9331, e mail isabella.macquarrie@sd27.bc.ca.   

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fugly Blog

OK-I know this post isn't specifically related to reining, but I was turned onto this site a few weeks ago, and feel the need to share it with as many people as possible!

This girl is SPOT ON in her commentary! I have spent a few (ok-LOTS of) hours now just reading some of the back posts, (and attached commentary-often 100's of responses to most posts) and she NAILS bad practice in the horse industry, outing horse abusers, pointing out bad back yard breeding practices, highlighting poorly written and misrepresented horses for sale, showing horses that are promoted strictly for their "color" despite the fact that they have terrible conformation, listing horses that go through sale auctions and the outcomes, showcasing good and bad rescue operations, and the list goes on. ANYONE involved in the horse industry-as a breeder, buyer, beginner, seller, or just wanting to become informed should be reading this blog!! Check it out-but be prepared to spend some time!! And be warned-she doesn't mince words (guess what the "F" stands for in "Fugly") when she is pointing out things that she considers to be unethical, or stupid....

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cueing your horse for the turn and spin

Picture: Larry Trocha (taken from Google Images)

LARRY TROCHA (reining and cutting trainer) just uploaded two new training videos to youtube. In this two-part video series, he shows what cues the rider needs to use to ask a horse for correct turns and spins.  Special attention is given to how the rider should use his hands (look at his arm position in the spin, Tiffany!!), legs and seat to get a good response from the horse. 

Here are the links to the videos:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Monday, March 1, 2010

Thursday Night ride

TOP-The cheering squad
# 2 -Mandy-do you ever feel like Dawnna's running circles around you?? -OH-She is!! (Mandy and Dawnna)
# 3 Tiffanfy and Bandit
BOTTOM-Mandy's gelding, "Chico"-How cute is he???

Some shots from last week's Thursday ride. Mandy, Dawnna and Tiffany, pumped and excited about the upcoming season fresh from Amanda's reining clinic, were out looking good!