Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Not Sure About Reining Patterns?? 
The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) has 10 patterns that judges can choose from, for any NRHA class. Each pattern is a variation on a set number of required manoeuvres including large fast circles, small slow circles, spins in both directions, flying lead changes, roll backs sliding stops, and backup. All of these patterns are to be completed one handed in an approved NRHA bit. The ten patterns can be seen here.

The WCRA, in its attempt to encourage their beginner riders to become involved in the sport have adopted 3 MODIFIED patterns, taking out some of the more difficult manoeuvers, and allowing the riders the option of riding 2 handed. You can view these modified patterns here:

AS you will see in my prior post, our schooling show will focus on the WCRA modified patterns, in OUR attempt to encourage you to come out and try a reining class in a supportive, non threatening environment.
The other 2 classes in our show are also both WCRA adaptations of NRHA patterns:
WCRA Beginner Horse is a class designed for people who want to put their young horse into a full NRHA class, but have the option to ride 2 handed. At most WCRA shows, you will see many trainers using this class to give their young prospects some show experience.
WCRA Beginner NRHA class, is a class designed for those people who feel they are ready to try a full NRHA pattern, but still have the option to ride the class 2 handed. 

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