Wednesday, March 24, 2010


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Well I met my weight loss goal this year, but what about my horse related goals:

1) Ride at least once a week-I'd like to do more, but my job makes it difficult through the week. Once a week is realistic for me right now...
2) Compete in at least 3 reining shows (Kamloops and the 2 WCRA shows in Chillwack) Again I'd like to do more, but tight finances will dictate here....
3) No PENALTY points in my classes. (Tough!, but doable....)
4) Master Flying Lead Changes (with help-Casandra, Sherri and anyone else, I WILL get this... )
5) Compete in at least one Non Pro class with a full NRHA pattern (this will happen after I have the lead change thing down...)
6) This isn't really MY goal, but a team goal of having my 3 year old compete in at least one show this season-will depend on her readiness, and trainer's discretion
7) I'm SCARED to state this one in public BUT- here it is...Compete in one freestyle class (I hope there is still beginner freestyle....)

SO there it is out in the public for all to see. Now, I'd like to see yours! Post your goals in the comments section under this post. By stating your goals out loud, and making them public, you make them REAL!! Don't leave me hanging here!!


  1. New page looks great bella! when i have more time i will look everything over and do your test too! keep it up..dawnna

  2. I won't leave you hangin Bella:
    1. get my 4 year old, hackamore ready for Canadian supreme in Oct.
    2. Lose last 10 pound of baby fat(or chocolate fat).
    3. Have my 2 year old started on cattle by Oct.
    4.learn to keep my but in the saddle for the big stops each and very time.
    5.finish my ER course

  3. Well so much for goal #3 (no Penalty Points) DARN-that counting to 4 business...WHO KNEW that could be so hard????

  4. here are my goals for this year......
    1) get the stop down that we sorta have
    2) ride the stop every stop!
    3)compete in everything within reach(money needed here)!
    4)have fun and beat myself every time i go out
    5)lose the nerves and ride like i can and let my horse be what he can
    6)make it and place at the BCBRA fianls
    7)enjoy each and every moment that is pain free
    8)make our club be succesfull and all our riders reach their goals!
    9) and maybe just maybe learn to spell!...Dawnna

  5. I like your goal #4 Dawnna-It's really about improving on our own rides each and every time. I think when you go to the show pen with that attitude, it's much easier, than looking at the competition in the CLASS and worrying about how well you can compete overall...

  6. Bella, you can cross off one of my goals....I finished my ER course with an A-, yippy. Mandy