Monday, March 30, 2009

100 Mile Horse Bazaar is a great success!

(Picture- Tiffany, Kim and Bella manning the Sliders booth at the bazaar)
A HUGE THANK YOU! to everyone who came out to help with the horse bazaar. It was a huge success, and we received nothing but positive comments from participants and spectators alike! Special thanks to Randy for the countless hours he put into making this show happen, despite ending up in the hospital in the days leading up to the bazaar! We took in over $1,000.00 at the door, (proceeds to go towards upgrades to the Agriplex) and we had over 500 spectators over the course of the 2 days.  The silent auction was also a great success! The stands were packed for Amanda's reining demo, and we handed out lots of application forms and brochures for the club! I have videotaped Amanda and Austin's presentation, and will have it available on DVD soon for anyone who missed it and would like to see.

We're Back!

(Pictures: Top-My filly, Twister, looking all grown up!, Middle-Sherri receiving her award for Career Achievement, Bottom-Casandra with her mare Jewel, and her training project)

Sorry for the 2 week blank! I was on my March break and didn't have immediate access to the internet, but I'm back now and look for regular new posts!
So my break included a visit to my daughter, Casandra at Olds college-soon to be graduated from the Equine Science Program, a trip to see my 2 year old filly that now has 6 weeks of training with Sherri (she's doing awesome!), an exciting time with Sherri at her awards presentation for career achievement at the River Rock Hotel and Casino, (talk about sticking out like a sore thumb-three tall cowgirls in a casino full of short asian men...) a visit with the 2 grandsons (ages 2 and 6)-they stayed with us while their parents had a much needed holiday in Mexico, and, an exciting weekend at the 100 Mile Horse Bazaar (see next post...)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Friday Night Rides in 100 Mile-a bit of a hiatus...

(Pictures- 1. Casandra and Cricket out for a snowy ride, December 07
2.   "The Group" last Friday)

Unfortunately, it looks like we have to cancel our Friday night rides for the next few weeks.  Both Dawnna and Randy are unavailable, this Friday 13th and they have "the key ".  On the 20th, the Bow Hunters have the arena booked, and on the 27th, it's the night before the 100  Mile Horse Bazaar, so the arena will be getting set up. I would encourage all of us to come out and help with set up! 
In the meantime, riding outside is a good way to get your woolly horse (and yourself) back in shape for the warmer weather! The 3rd of April. is the night before the Sherri Clinic so it might be a good warm up and chance to touch base....In the meantime, stay tuned to the blog for updates and new info as it becomes available, or get in touch with me by e mail or phone 250-593-9331. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Can you feel the excitement??

Here's a chance to see how reining looks at the world class level. This is Canadian Duane Latimer's exciting winning ride aboard  AQHA stud "Hang Ten Surprise", at the 2006 World Equestrian Games in Aachen, Germany. Spectacular! 
Just prior to Latimers's run, American Tim McQuay had received the identical score of 230 points. (Under 3 judges that's an average score of 76.5 each) Both Latimer and McQuay had to run the pattern a second time to break the tie for gold medal and world championship. Latimer won by 2 points!

What's in it for the youth??

Picture- Casandra and PR Impressive Jewels, BC Summer Games, Kamloops, BC 2006

Reining provides tons of opportunities for youth at the local, provincial and national/international level. Youth that compete provincially, have an opportunity to qualify and compete at the biannual BC Summer Games, (next competition to be held 2010). 

Horse Council of BC also offers travel assistance to youth competing anywhere provincially, up to 2 shows and 500 km/athlete. You can find out more about this program from Horse Council BC.

Reining Canada also offers a Young Riders Program to reiners under 21 years of age. Medals are awarded and points are accumulated so that riders may qualify to be a member of Reining Canada's Young Rider Team. You can learn more about this at

The National Reining Horse Youth Association also has a cool program called the Varsity Program. Youth members are awarded points for doing projects listed that foster teamwork and volunteering as well as artistic and creative projects. Depending on how many points are earned, participants can win some very cool prizes!! Check it out at

Numerous scholarships are also awarded annually through the National Reining Horse Youth Association . You can read more about that here:

As a club, we would also like to create a scholarship for youth that become involved with our program. More details to follow as we evolve!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Friday Night Rides in 100 Mile

Photos- 1. Cricket says "Hey, how come I don't get in the group shot??"
2. The group- Dawnna, Tiffany, Kerri, Bella, Kim, and Geoff. Missing (other Kim, and Randy)

Our second Friday saw a few more of us out with our horses. Despite the COLD, everyone got a bit of a work out-horses and riders! Next Friday we will be at the arena at 7:00 (instead of 6:00) See you there! Spots are filling up quickly for Sherri's clinic. Make sure to get on the list so you're not disappointed!

Friday, March 6, 2009

reining vs dressage

 (Picture " AQHA stud, Smart Rattle Snake")

I wish I could embed this video here, but we don't have access at work. Go to the link posted and watch this!
Here is a dressage horse and rider and a reining horse and rider in the same arena. Who does a better job when they switch horses? Awesome. The reining horse and rider team are Austrian Dennis Shultz and his horse Smart Rattle Snake, reining champion of Poland, as well as other honors. The dressage horse and rider team are Peter Gmoser a member of the Austrian Olympic team, and his Grand Prix Holsteiner, Lausbub. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

She Won!

(Pictures 1. Sherri and Casandra, 2. Sherri and Kerri, 3. Sherri sacking out Bandit, 4. Sherri and the "kids" get down to Georgia with "the devil"-aka Genuine Jeepers)

Congratulations to my long time trainer and friend, Sherri for just finding out she won the Promotion Plus "Bobbie Stein Award of Excellence" for Career Achievement. This is an annual award presented to a woman that has had a major impact on promoting girls and women in sport. Sherri is most deserving, as she has been a long time mentor of young girls and women, including my daughter, Casandra. She also serves as an incredible role model for all girls and women, by achieving a huge amount of success in a sport that is traditionally dominated by men in the upper levels of competition, and by working in a highly physically demanding and challenging career of horse training.
Sherri will be presented with her award in Richmond on March 24th at a gala celebration at the River Rock Casiono in Richmond. 
Don't miss your chance to spend the day with Sherri on Saturday, April 4th at the Agriplex in 100 Mile! (see prior post for more info!) 

Monday, March 2, 2009

Amanda Self Reining Video

Here is a video of Amanda Self, winning the "Intermediate Open" Class at the West Coast Classic reining show in Chilliwack, on Rafter D Reiners gorgeous AQHA palamino mare, "Dun it Because I Can" LOOK AT THAT HAIR!! Now THAT"S a "Reiner mane"! Come see Amanda's reining demo at our 100 Mile Horse Bazaar on Sunday, March 30th! Amanda is also offering a reining clinic at the Brandt Ranch in Pritchard, April 3-5th. Contact Amanda at 250-804-1723

Another Awesome Opportunity in 100 Mile!

(Pictures- Carl at Work!)

Here is another excellent opportunity to get instruction from a top level reining and working cow horse trainer! Carl Woods will be offering one hour private sessions on March 21, 22 at the beautiful Easy Go Ranch in Lac La Hache. Cost is only 40.00. Sign up early to ensure your spot! To learn more about Carl, visit his web site at
For more information contact Easy Go Ranch at 1-888-600-7556

Sherri's coming to town!

Pictures-Sherri Thomson at work!

100 Mile Agriplex
Cost 125.00/day

100 Mile Sliders are pleased to offer this awesome opportunity to spend the day with reining and working cow horse  trainer, Sherri Thomson. Lunch and snacks will be provided. Sherri is a long time trainer and open level competitor in reining and working cow horse. This will be an introductory level clinic for people interested in learning more about the discipline of reining, and improving their basic horsemanship skills. It is the first of a series of clinics planned future dates TBA. Spots will be limited so book early! 
Make cheques payable to: 
100 Mile Sliders 
C 26 Crossroads
RR#1 Lone Butte
BC V0K 1X0
or phone Bella at 250-593-9331 for more info!

Now That's Dedication!

Pictures 1. Randy models our new shirts
2.Donna and Tiffany brave the cold to come out on Friday night!

So our first Friday night ride was a true test of the devoted! In the -20 something temperature, we rode a bit and talked a bit about the club, handed out some forms and got some riding pointers from Randy. I also managed to get the horse trailer stuck in the snow by the arena, and luckily Randy was kind enough to pull me out or I might of had to stay there till the spring thaw! Donna brought out some T shirts that Work and Play have kindly donated to the club. On the back we are putting "Sliders do it in the dirt!!" Everyone is keen and excited to see the club get up and running, so come on out and join us!