Monday, March 30, 2009

We're Back!

(Pictures: Top-My filly, Twister, looking all grown up!, Middle-Sherri receiving her award for Career Achievement, Bottom-Casandra with her mare Jewel, and her training project)

Sorry for the 2 week blank! I was on my March break and didn't have immediate access to the internet, but I'm back now and look for regular new posts!
So my break included a visit to my daughter, Casandra at Olds college-soon to be graduated from the Equine Science Program, a trip to see my 2 year old filly that now has 6 weeks of training with Sherri (she's doing awesome!), an exciting time with Sherri at her awards presentation for career achievement at the River Rock Hotel and Casino, (talk about sticking out like a sore thumb-three tall cowgirls in a casino full of short asian men...) a visit with the 2 grandsons (ages 2 and 6)-they stayed with us while their parents had a much needed holiday in Mexico, and, an exciting weekend at the 100 Mile Horse Bazaar (see next post...)

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