Wednesday, March 4, 2009

She Won!

(Pictures 1. Sherri and Casandra, 2. Sherri and Kerri, 3. Sherri sacking out Bandit, 4. Sherri and the "kids" get down to Georgia with "the devil"-aka Genuine Jeepers)

Congratulations to my long time trainer and friend, Sherri for just finding out she won the Promotion Plus "Bobbie Stein Award of Excellence" for Career Achievement. This is an annual award presented to a woman that has had a major impact on promoting girls and women in sport. Sherri is most deserving, as she has been a long time mentor of young girls and women, including my daughter, Casandra. She also serves as an incredible role model for all girls and women, by achieving a huge amount of success in a sport that is traditionally dominated by men in the upper levels of competition, and by working in a highly physically demanding and challenging career of horse training.
Sherri will be presented with her award in Richmond on March 24th at a gala celebration at the River Rock Casiono in Richmond. 
Don't miss your chance to spend the day with Sherri on Saturday, April 4th at the Agriplex in 100 Mile! (see prior post for more info!) 

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