Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Friday Night Rides in 100 Mile-a bit of a hiatus...

(Pictures- 1. Casandra and Cricket out for a snowy ride, December 07
2.   "The Group" last Friday)

Unfortunately, it looks like we have to cancel our Friday night rides for the next few weeks.  Both Dawnna and Randy are unavailable, this Friday 13th and they have "the key ".  On the 20th, the Bow Hunters have the arena booked, and on the 27th, it's the night before the 100  Mile Horse Bazaar, so the arena will be getting set up. I would encourage all of us to come out and help with set up! 
In the meantime, riding outside is a good way to get your woolly horse (and yourself) back in shape for the warmer weather! The 3rd of April. is the night before the Sherri Clinic so it might be a good warm up and chance to touch base....In the meantime, stay tuned to the blog for updates and new info as it becomes available, or get in touch with me by e mail or phone 250-593-9331. 


  1. holy cow u guys are good ---a web site and all--- gotta lov ya-- keep up tha awesome work and by the way loved ur little mane event this weekend

  2. Thanks! We were really pleased with the turn out! Bigger and better next year!