Thursday, November 18, 2010

NRHA's Inside Reining

Check out the online version of NRHA's Inside reining. You can watch full episodes online, as well as check out their "You Be the Judge" series, where you are asked to watch a maneouver and then score it, followed by the judge's score and reasoning. (see my prior post)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tom McCutcheon's Gold Medal Run at WEG

(Images taken from "Google Images")
Here is the gold medal individual run with Tom McCutcheon riding "Gunner's Special Night" at the 2010 World Equestrian Games. Wow!!

Duane Latimer Wins Bronze at WEG

(Taken from Equine Canada)
September, 30, 2010 — Duane Latimer of Bienfait, SK won the individual bronze medal today at the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games (WEG), which are being held in Lexington, KY September 25–October 10, 2010.
Latimer had a great run riding Dun Playin Tag, Lance Griffin’s Canadian-bred six-year-old Quarter Horse gelding, to a score of 222.5, securing the bronze medal finish.
Duane Latimer - Photo Credit — Kalina Rutledge, Equine Canada
“It feels great to do something for your country. Parts of our run were really, really good,” said Latimer, who just started working with Dun Playin Tag in April to prepare for WEG. “I thought my horse ran his large fast circles awesome, and he stopped great three times out of four. We stayed clean today, and he was very good.”

Shawna Sapergia of Cochrane, AB, and This Chics On Top, a seven-year-old bay Quarter Horse mare owned by Outrider Ranch Ltd, received a score of 218.5 to finish in eighth.

“My first stop was amazing and her back up was great. We had a little bobble in our second spin, but she was trying her absolute hardest out there. I don’t think I have ever run her that hard or asked that much of her before. She was there for me every step of the way,” said Sapergia.

The gold medal was won by American Tom McCutcheon riding Gunners Special Nite, and the silver medal went to Craig Schmersal, also of the United States, and Mister Montana Nic.
Here is the You tube clip of Duane's run

You Be The Judge

NRHA's "Inside Reining" have produced a series of "You be the Judge" videos, where a they ask viewers to score a maneouver and then give the score and reasoning from an NRHA judge. Here is on link on a spin maneouver.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Pictures-Cowgirl Creations-from Prince George
Top- Veronica Blatter
Middle-Elli Meinert
Bottom- Casandra Jakubiec
Some congrsatulations to some of our Slider members, who have seen success in the show pen this season.
Dawnna Monks-scored a 70, and won the Beginner A Class at WCRA "Riverslide in Kamloops. Dawnna continues to show at a rate that would make most people's head's spins, having success in literally every event she competes in! Barrels, gymkhannas, and reining. She is a true inspiration and a great role model as our club president.

Veronica Blatter- Ronnie has done well with her new horse, competing in the Prince George shows, as well as at Riverslide. She gets stronger with every class, and has now qualified for the BC Summer Games! Good luck, Ronnie!!

Elli Meinert- Ellie has also done well in the show pen this season, with 70 scores, as well as competing with her new 3 year old filly. Most recently, she won the Beginner Freestyle in Prince George, with her rendition of "YMCA" 

Casandra Jakubiec- despite the fact that she underspun by a quarter turn, Casandra was really pleased with her freestyle performance on Jewel, getting her best score ever of 73, and plusing her stop. She continues to work as Sherri's Thomson's riding assistant at the shows.    

Clay Webster coming to 100 Mile House!!

(Picture-Clay Webster-taken from Clay's website)

100 Mile Sliders are proud to announce that we will be hosting a Clay Webster clinic, August 20-21st, at the beautiful Easy Go Ranch in Lac La Hache 
All spots are currently full, but if you are interested in participating, , please contact Tiffany Vaughn (, or Mandy Pincott (, to be put on a waiting list.  
Clay Webster is one of Canada's premiere reining trainers, and he highly sought after for his popular clinics. 
"Clay is a highly regarded clinician and speaker. He conducts several clinics each year and has been invited to teach his clinics at such prestigious equine extravanganzas as  as the Mane Event in Chilliwack, BC, and Farmfair at Northlands Park, Edmonton, AB. He is an active competitor in horse shows of locals and international status."
Visit Clay's website to read more about his show success, and clinic program. 

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Follow Up to Brant Ranch Schooling Show

PICTURES: (thanks, Nicole!!)
1. Ronnie and Peppy
2. Dawnna and Moke
3. Mandie and Chico
4. Tiffany and Bandit (I love this shot!! He's trying so hard!!)

On Sunday, Mandy, Dawnna, Tiffany and Veronica all made their way down to the Brandt Ranch in Pritchard for a reining schooling show. From what I hear, the girls had a great time, and Amanda was very helpful with feedback to the riders. Thanks to Nicole for providing me with the pictures. 
Next weekend, a few of our members will be heading to Prince George for the first "big" show of the season, PGRHA SPRING SLIDE (see sidebar for link to show info). BEST OF LUCK!! Be sure to take lots of pictures so we can post them here, and let us know how it goes!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Results from the National Reining Breeders Classic

PICTURES: (taken from Google images)
TOP: Jesse Beckley and "Mizzen Wizzen
BOTTOM: Craig Schmersal and "Boom Shernic"

Here is the partial write up of the results of the National reining Breeders Classic, taken from "Reiner Magazine". Criag Schmersal scored a 228!! (That's a 76 score from 3 judges!!), to win the open level 4 class.!!

Congratulations to our Canadian rider, Jesse Beckley, of Cranbrook, BC, and his mount, Mizzen Wizzen, for placing 6th in the Limited Open Level 1 class.

"The house rocked during this year’s NRBC open finals, held Saturday night in the Great Southwest Equestrian Center, Katy, Texas as the top 31 open horse-and-rider pairs returned to run the crowd-pleasing Pattern 10.

Two Million Dollar Rider Craig Schmersal couldn’t have asked for a better set-up: his favorite pen, his favorite pattern and his favorite mount – Boom Shernic. He made the most of it by running hard in the large arena and scoring a 228 to win the 2010 NRBC Derby Level 4 Open Championship. The six-year-old stallion (Boomernic x She And Chic Dunit) is owned by the Boom Shernic Syndicate and added $75,000 to his lifetime earnings.

“He’s one of my all-time favorites and I’ve never had a horse that deserves to win more than him. I always say if they made me ride away on one horse, I’m taking him with me. He’s always been special for me.”"

You can watch Craig's full winning run on youtube at

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


1. Sherri Thomson and Niki
2. Casandra and Cowboy
3. Amanda Self
4. Tiffany and Bandit
5. Austin Selhof and Marv

Entry packages are now available for RIVERSLIDE. The second in the WCRA high point series reining shows. The show starts FRIDAY JUNE 4th and goes until SUNDAY JUNE 6th. ENTRY DEADLINE IS MAY 19th. Dawnna, Tiffany, Mandy, Casanda and I all showed last year at this show. The footing for reining is superb, there is a great atmosphere, and it is not to far away for us Cariboo reiners. There is a full slate of modified classes for us beginners, and on Saturday night, they are having a fun games/team competition, with proceeds going to support the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation! Sounds like fun!! How about a 100 Mile Sliders Team?? You girls who are also doing the barrels/gymkhana circuit should make for a pretty competitive team!!


PICTURES: 4 Nice Color Combos...
Top: Tiffany and Bandit-I love the vest over the slinky-It looks very stylish!!
Middle 1: Casandra and Jewel-I love the colors in this shirt and how they match the pad...
Middle 2: Dawnna- What a great shirt-and color combo for a black horse!!
Bottom: Sherri and Topper- Black and Red on a grey horse-I loved this look!

Being a person who prefers to dress in a understated style, generally choosing neutral colors, the high fashion of the Western Show world is somewhat intimidating!!  Finding a color combination that will work for me and my horse, as well as not break the bank, has been a challenge!! Currently, on my bay paint horse, we have gone with a "blue" color scheme. We have one straight royal blue pad, as well as one pad that is predominately blue, with black and dark pink tones as well, that allows for some choice of colors with show shirts-black, pink, and blue all work.

With our Grullo 3 year old, we have been discussing color options. Casandra really likes lime green, and although it's not listed in the recommended choices below, we are on the hunt for shirts and show pads that will match this color scheme

I took the following information from a web site entitled Best Horse Show Clothes It gives a good outline for some color combinations to choose from that will go well with the color of your horse.

BLACKIf your horse is black, you are very lucky, because you have so many options.  Bright colors, deep jewel tones & beautiful pastels are all very good choices for you.  You need to have some contrast, so stay away from the browns, tans and basic earth tones.  These colors will not be flattering on your horse.  You will appear washed out and dull.  A bit of silver or gold accents make a very classy statement as well.  Just don’t get too carried away with it, you could look like you belong at a disco.

RED ~ On a red based horse such as a chestnut or sorrel, you can choose from the blue tones, greens, soft yellow, melon or coral tones.  Youths can get away with a bit more vibrant color than an adult, due to there not being as much of it to stand out. 

BROWN ~ Having a brown based horse gives you a lot to choose from as well.  Purple, red, blue, green, orange, yellow and my personal favorite PINK are all wonderful choices for you.

BUCKSKIN~PALOMINO~GRULLO ~ You can choose colors from the Red or Brown based horse keys above.  These colors tend to compliment the natural warm tone of your  horse.

HORSES OF COLOR If you have an appaloosa or paint horse that is predominantly white or grey, you are probably best suited with a jewel tone (red, blue, green or purple) with some black chaps.  If your paint has more color than white, you can follow the keys to those colors listed above.

So, YOUR TURN!! Tell us your horse color, and your choice of colors to show in. Tell us what color combinations you like on different colored horses...I'm looking forward to hearing from those of you (everyone) who are more fashion minded than me!!

Getting Organized For Show Season

Pictures (click on image for larger view)
Top- Austin and Amanda's bridle selection!! (Taken from Austin's Facebook page)
Bottom-Lynda's Show packing list (taken from Lynda's website)

So now that show season is upon us, it is a good idea to start to organize your gear. If you create a checklist of stuff to bring, when it comes time to pack, it is easier to make sure you have everything you need. It is a good idea to pack as much gear as possible in containers with lids so you can keep it organized, and stack them in your trailer tack room. I scooped the above list from Lynda Smith's web site. Thanks Lynda!! If you have items to add, post them in the comments section!
Another convenient thing to bring along is a portable saddle stand.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010



1. Bella and Jewel
2. Ellie and Sabre Royal Pistol ("Dodge") on her circle
3. Dawnna and Moke large fast
4. Ellie and Dodge spin
5. Tanya and Monty at center

Here are some pictures from the schooling show. Thanks again, Laura for letting me post your pictures here! If anyone else took pictures from the clinic and/or show, please e mail them to me and I will post them here!! 

Monday, April 19, 2010


PICTURES: (Click on photos for a larger image)
1 Some of the auditors who came out to watch
2 Crystal Grier and "Maverick"
3 Jill Imrie and "Misty"
4 Vern and Casandra
5 Vern getting a stop on "Little Wolf"
6 Louise and "Honey" perfecting their spin
7 Vern watching Casandra and Jewel spin
8 Follow the Leader! Vern and Sharon
9 Sharon and her stunning 3 year old, "Little Wolf"
10 Vern Sapergia "That's how you do it!" Something Vern was heard to say many times over the course of the weekend!

WOW!! What a whirl wind month it has been!! First the Horse Bazaar, the next week end Carl Woods, the next, Lynda Smith, and this past weekend, Vern Sapergia!! Not to mention the numerous other clinics and schooling shows that were also running over the past month in other locations. For anyone interested in learning about reining and or wanting to improve their horsemanship skills, there is no shortage of opportunities here in the Cariboo!! And if you haven't had enough yet, check out the Brandt Ranch schooling show next Sunday, the Prince George Reining Show the first weekend in May along with a Doug Mills Clinic in Williams lake that same weekend, and the first WCRA show, Rockslide, the second weekend in May!! See the sidebar for links to all these upcoming events/shows...
Casandra and I had the opportunity to attend the Vern Sapergia clinic held at Sharon Gates wonderful facility in Hanceville this past weekend. It was an excellent clinic, and Casandra got tons of opportunity to ride and learn with Vern in 3 separate sessions over the course of the weekend. It was nice to see that a lot of the basic concepts that we learned from Lynda were reinforced by Vern in his teaching program. Hopefully, Casandra will pass on some of what she learned in our Thursday night riding sessions!!
A ton of thanks, to Sharon for giving Casandra the opportunity to participate in this clinic, and to Crystal for offering us a place to stay!!


PICTURES: (click on Pictures for a larger view)
1. Look at those Cariboo Cowgirls!!l
2. Gloria and (?)
3. Nicole and (?) working with Lynda
4. Dawnna, Randy and John on "babysitting duty"
5. Tiffany and Bandit
6. Mandy and Chico
7. Tanya and Monty
8. The warm up pen (Nice stop, Dawnna!!)
9. Leona and (?)
10. Barry and (?) working with Lynda

Thanks again to Laura for providing the pictures from the Lynda Smith clinic. I think everyone came away from the clinic with lots of new information and a renewed sense of excitement about reining. 

Sixteen eager participants slid into 100 Mile House April 9-11 to get some horsemanship and reining tips from reining trainer Lynda Smith, of Langley BC. The participants got to put their newfound knowledge to the test on Sunday, in a schooling show, judged by Lynda. The clinic and show were held at the Lakeside Equestrian Center, and despite the biting cold on Friday, the rest of the weekend proved to be perfect and sunny and we were able to use the great footing in the outdoor arena.

This was what one of our participants had to say!!

"Hi Bella and 100 Mile Sliders,

We just wanted to extend our thanks and appreciation for a great weekend of fun and learning.  Most impressive was the high caliber of women reiners residing in the South Cariboo.  We are proud to be part of the 100 Mile Sliders and to know such a great group of dedicated, hard working ladies.

Thanks again and see you all soon.

Best regards,

Nicolle and Ronnie"

The Sliders would like to send out a great big thank you to Lynda for coming up and supporting our club, as well as a thank you to all the people who volunteered their time and energy to make this clinic/schooling show a success.