Monday, July 12, 2010


Pictures-Cowgirl Creations-from Prince George
Top- Veronica Blatter
Middle-Elli Meinert
Bottom- Casandra Jakubiec
Some congrsatulations to some of our Slider members, who have seen success in the show pen this season.
Dawnna Monks-scored a 70, and won the Beginner A Class at WCRA "Riverslide in Kamloops. Dawnna continues to show at a rate that would make most people's head's spins, having success in literally every event she competes in! Barrels, gymkhannas, and reining. She is a true inspiration and a great role model as our club president.

Veronica Blatter- Ronnie has done well with her new horse, competing in the Prince George shows, as well as at Riverslide. She gets stronger with every class, and has now qualified for the BC Summer Games! Good luck, Ronnie!!

Elli Meinert- Ellie has also done well in the show pen this season, with 70 scores, as well as competing with her new 3 year old filly. Most recently, she won the Beginner Freestyle in Prince George, with her rendition of "YMCA" 

Casandra Jakubiec- despite the fact that she underspun by a quarter turn, Casandra was really pleased with her freestyle performance on Jewel, getting her best score ever of 73, and plusing her stop. She continues to work as Sherri's Thomson's riding assistant at the shows.    

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