Friday, March 19, 2010

Wildwood Reining to host Vern Sapergia Clinic

Pictures-Vern Sapergia (Taken from Google Images)

Sharon Gates of Wildwood Reining will be hosting a Vern Sapergia Reining clinic Friday April 16-Sunday April 18th at her facility in Hanceville. 
You will not get another opportunity to see such a world renowned reining trainer so close to home!!
Vern Sapergia spawned a reining dynasty, producing a family full of world class reiners, including Shawna  and Cody Sapergia, both of whom have achieved national and international reining success.
"With a lifetime of experience both  in the pen and teaching others the art of reining, Vern’s “Step by Step” approach to training is a solid program born of decades of practical experience. Vern has coached riders and competed all over the world. Currently, he is coaching and showing mostly in Europe, but has agreed to teach this three day clinic in the Chilcotin! Don’t miss an opportunity to learn from one of the best in the industry!"

For more details on this fantastic opportunity, see Sharon's website at: (check out the "events" link)

Even if you can't afford to participate, we should send a "100 Mile contingent" to go and watch this wold class clinician. 

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