Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fugly Blog

OK-I know this post isn't specifically related to reining, but I was turned onto this site a few weeks ago, and feel the need to share it with as many people as possible!

This girl is SPOT ON in her commentary! I have spent a few (ok-LOTS of) hours now just reading some of the back posts, (and attached commentary-often 100's of responses to most posts) and she NAILS bad practice in the horse industry, outing horse abusers, pointing out bad back yard breeding practices, highlighting poorly written and misrepresented horses for sale, showing horses that are promoted strictly for their "color" despite the fact that they have terrible conformation, listing horses that go through sale auctions and the outcomes, showcasing good and bad rescue operations, and the list goes on. ANYONE involved in the horse industry-as a breeder, buyer, beginner, seller, or just wanting to become informed should be reading this blog!! Check it out-but be prepared to spend some time!! And be warned-she doesn't mince words (guess what the "F" stands for in "Fugly") when she is pointing out things that she considers to be unethical, or stupid....

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