Tuesday, May 24, 2011

EVH-1 Update

Here is the latest update from Paton and Martin Veterinary Services, a well established and reputable Equine Veterinary Clinic, in the Lower Mainland, written May 19th.

As of this date we have now confirmed that the 1 horse in the Fraser Valley that attended the cutting horse competition in Ogden Utah has been tested and shown to be free of the EVH 1 virus. The horse has shown no signs of this disease. This horse has been in quarantine since the outbreak was first reported. None of the horses that might have initially contacted this horse has shown any sign of the disease.

We feel compelled to address the outrageous rumours and paranoia that has developed over this unfortunate outbreak. This disease has been confined to horses that attended or who had direct contact with the Ogden Cutting horse show. Only a few Quarter Horses who attended Ogden have developed symptoms and died, to our knowledge less than 10 from Washington to Texas. NONE IN B.C. There are very few horses that have been exposed to Ogden horses that have come down with symptoms.

There are 3 sick horses in the interior of B.C., all at a quarantined private stable. TO OUR KNOWLEDGE THERE ARE NO KNOWN CASES IN ANY HORSES THAT HAVE NOT BEEN EXPOSED TO QUARTER HORSES WHO ATTENDED OGDEN.

Virtually every horse over the age of 2 has been exposed to the Herpes virus. The neurological form of the disease has been present and diagnosed in B.C. on previous occasions over the last 30 years. Vaccinations are not effective in preventing this disease. Vaccination in the face of an outbreak or stressed horses is not advised. Any time horses are congregated and/or stressed there is risk of an outbreak of a contagious disease such as EHV 1. This disease is primarily spread by direct contact with an infected shedding horse. Direct and immediate contact with nasal secretions on tack, hands, clothing etc. could potentially spread the disease. The virus survives for only a very short time out of the horse. Drying and disinfectants kill virtually all viruses.

Our practice enforces strict biosecurity measures on all horses attending our hospital or that are under our care at all stables. This outbreak serves to sensitize horse owners as to the importance of maintaining good biosecurity measures when attending shows and when new horses come on to your property. Due to excellent compliance by the owners of the horses in B.C. who had horses at Ogden or exposed to Ogden horses, it appears that the spread of this problem in B.C. has been stopped.

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