Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Message From our WCRA President

The following message is posted on the WCRA website, but due to the importance of it's contents,I thought I would share it here as well.
"April 21, 2011
Dear WCRA members,
I am writing this note to you, to bring to your attention the concern for reining shows in B.C. As you know Rockslide was cancelled this year due to another show being booked on the same weekend and the economy – the Rockslide show committee felt it was in their best interest to cancel. This is very unfortunate that we lost such a great show this year, but don’t worry....Rockslide will be back in 2012 with some changes that you are sure to like!
With all of this coming to light, it has come to our attention that West Coast Classic needs every members help and support to make it successful. The economy is taking a toll on sponsorship – sponsors are picking and choosing what they fund very wisely and unfortunately sponsorship is down this year. Without sponsors and volunteers this premier B.C. Reining event will not be able to continue on to be the show it has been and support itself....which could mean a much smaller West Coast Classic show, possibly no WCRA NRHA affiliate series, a smaller WCRA high point series and to attend a reining show of the same caliber you will have to travel out of province and that is something a lot of competitors just cannot or are not prepared to do. We hope that you feel the same way we do, and want to see this show continue for everyone to attend and enjoy.
In order to help West Coast Classic 2011 we are suggesting for every member to take the attached sponsorship package and if they can try and fundraise $100 for West Coast Classic. Do you have an accumulation of recyclable that you could return to the bottle depot, do you have an employer that would be interested in sponsoring and receiving advertising, or do you have some other fundraising ideas for this premier event? West Coast Classic is EVERY MEMBERS show, it is not a chapter show, it is not the executive’s show....it is WCRA’s show and that means we need everyone’s help to make this happen and to continue West Coast Classic the way it has been.
If you are able to help sponsor West Coast Classic or would like more information please do not hesitate to contact us.
Thank you,
Kim Stordahl WCRA President"

So how about it Sliders? Any suggestions on how we can sponsor or support our parent organization?? Please post your comments or suggestions in the comments section below.

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