Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Riverslide Update

The Riverslide organizing committee met last night to discuss the fate of Riverslide in light of the EVH outbreak (See blog post below). The following is an e mail I received from Kim Stordhal, WCRA president, and Riverslide member, as to the outcome of that meeting.

Hi Bella,

We did meet and we are still planning to go ahead with the show as planned right now. We have decided that we will not be charging any late entry fees though. Anyone who sends in their entries before May 28th will be in the regular draw and anything received after May 28th will go at the bottom of the order of go but NO late entry fee will be charged. If you are coming though we ask that you let us know so we can ensure we have proper number of stalls available.

We are having another meeting closer to the show to discuss any new information that becomes available and how things progress regarding the EHV-1 virus ....but as of the moment we are going ahead as planned.

Hope we can see you there!!

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