Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Can you feel the excitement??

Here's a chance to see how reining looks at the world class level. This is Canadian Duane Latimer's exciting winning ride aboard  AQHA stud "Hang Ten Surprise", at the 2006 World Equestrian Games in Aachen, Germany. Spectacular! 
Just prior to Latimers's run, American Tim McQuay had received the identical score of 230 points. (Under 3 judges that's an average score of 76.5 each) Both Latimer and McQuay had to run the pattern a second time to break the tie for gold medal and world championship. Latimer won by 2 points!


  1. I watched this video and although I can tell that there must be much skill on the part of both the horse and rider, overall it just looked to me like a guy riding a horse around the ring and then stopping quickly ! Yeah, I know I don't "get it". Kind of like what other people think when they watch an Irish dance competition ! He he...

  2. It's amazing when anything done well looks so simple. I guess that's what makes the pros so good. Anyone that has tried to ride a reining pattern could spend a long time explaining the subtle cues that require a huge amount of knowledge and skill to allow the horse to perform at this level!!
    Thanks or the comment!

  3. Its like anything that takes skill...people who are good at it make it look like a piece of cake!