Friday, June 5, 2009

Some Thursday Night Faces

1. Graham Alwood-trainer and father to our youngest members, Kolton, and Tristiana
2. (lft-rt) Peter-our Rotary supporter, Randy-our illustrious coach, Kim-AQHA breeder, and club member
3, 4. Randy doing what he does best, coaching club members-here I need help with names!! 
5. Randy helping our international guest, Rahel Christen
Here's some of the faces you can expect to see, if you are out on Thursday. I am still trying to learn who all you are, so forgive me for omissions/mixups, etc. I'd still LOVE to have each of you e mail me a bio on yourself so I can post it here on the blog!!

Good Luck to all those Slider members participating this weekend in the 100 Mile Outriders Show. I will be out to get some pictures of you in action!!


  1. the girl with the red switzerland shirt is Rahel Christen. She is a guest here. "Randy is a good coach. Greetings from the warmblood".

  2. Thanks for the info! Welcome, Rahel!