Monday, June 15, 2009

Riverslide 2009

1. Bob Hall-our past WCRA president-stopping his gorgeous stud!
2. Tiffany Vaughan riding a pretty circle
3. Bella MacQuarrie and "Jewel" riding the large fast
4. Sherri Thomson and Topper stop-notice Topper sticking out his tongue at the competition!!
5. Sherri Thomson stopping hard with Nikki
6. Casandra Jakubiec and "Cowboy" on their circle
7.Austin Selouf and "Marv"on their run down-How does he find the reins in all that mane??!!
8. Amanda Self going into her spin
9. Lisa Coulter and her gelding spinning hard!

NOTE -Sorry Dawnna and Mandy, we didn't get any shots of you here!! Casandra's friend, Mike, was taking pics on his new camera, and these are all compliments of him...Thanks, Mike! 

It was a great weekend in Kamloops, and the Thomson River Chapter put on an excellent show-100 Mile Sliders were well represented with Dawnna, Tiffany, Mandy and myself all marking some respectable scores in the mid to high 60's. (except for that zero score I got-apparently it's a lot harder to count to 4 than I thought....!!). We saw some awesome runs at the open level, and I think the highest score of the weekend was a 71-1/2. Sherri had a great weekend overall winning high point open horse with her gelding, Topper. Well done everyone! 

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