Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another Opportunity for Doug Mills Clinic in 100 Mile!

(Pictures-Doug Mills in action, taken from Doug's web site)

Our Sliders member, John McCarville, will be hosting another opportunity to participate in a Doug Mills, Level 1 Clinic. The clinic will be Friday evening, July 3rd, Saturday, July 4th & Sunday, July 5th.  The clinic will be at John's place 5655 Canim Hendrix Lake Road. Phone John at 250-395-2633 for details.  The fee is $300.00 and this includes a DVD which captures all of the steps taught in the clinic.  Doug will not be doing the clinic as he is still out of commission from the injury he got last month. One of his trainers will be here. Arrangements will be made for campers if necessary and board may be arranged for a couple of horses as well.

It is important that we get lots of participation in these types of clinics if we want to attract top level people in the industry into our area! Thanks John, for providing this opportunity!

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