Tuesday, June 2, 2009


(Picture) My Smucked Trailer

So this is a result of rushing and having too much on  my mind instead of focusing on the task at hand!! After riding on Thursday, a few of us went to Timmy's for coffee. I decided to park in the EMPTY A&W parking lot, as I'm a little leery of getting the trailer into and out of tight places. Upon pulling out, in a rush and with lots on my mind, I failed to negotiate the light standard in the middle of the parking lot. DUHH!! By the time I'd realized what was happening, this was the result! I am now a public display of poor driving....My ugly old trailer just got a lot uglier....Does this mean I get a new trailer now??? Don't laugh, SHERRI and CASANDRA!!!

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  1. Hi! I can really empathize with this story.I was going to an endurance ride in Merritt last year-I had trained+++booked the time off , packed copious amounts of food, equipment and fencing, my riding partner was waiting for me....well, that morning it decided to rain hard.In my rain slicker and her rainsheet we loaded up and were launched-I checked and re-checked everything, I had child care and horse care in place, I was off, on my mini vacation, elated and fired by enthusiasm, I waved goodbye to everyone-she was off! I reached the end of my long driveway, turned right over the cattle guard-and thunk. The right wheel caught on the edge blowing the tire and tearing the shaft underneath. I unloaded my mare who looked like she was asleep and had not broken a nail over the event-thank goodness! Of course the rain poured down hard at that point.! One moment of not turning wide enough, and being in a rush to meet someone. I had to then pull from the ride, as my trailer was now in need of grande repair.I had a nice big dent in the side also! My lesson through this is to slow right down,and let anyone know that is meeting me that there may be some variables in my arrival time, and for me to be flexible and patient with perhaps being a bit late with a mare who loads 95 percent of the time , but flatly refuses if it is an important event at wee hours of the morning! Cheers, Kim Mowatt