Monday, June 22, 2009


So we've been trying to find a good time to have a meeting, and with everyone's busy schedules, it's been difficult! Here are 2 tenative dates and times. Please e mail me or post your preference here under the comments, and we will try to acommodate as many people as possible. At this meeting, we will have some introductions, and go over our finances, so far, as well as set direction for the club as a group. It is important that we have as many members as possible represented so we have a good barometer of what people are thinking and wanting in this club. I'll look forward to hearing from you, as to when you could be available...
Tenative meeting dates-please state your preference
1) Tuesday, June 30th A&W meeting room 7:00pm
2) Wednesday July 1st A&W meeting room 9:00am (note this is a holiday, so we thought people might not be working, and could get on with the rest of their day...)


  1. I would perfer Tuesday! But either day can work for me! This is an important meeting guys!!! So let us know what day you want so you can come out, and have a vote on where, and how you want this club to grow!!!! Tiffany

  2. HI Bella, Wednesday July 1st A&W meeting room @ 09:00 would be great. I am open to tuesday evening aswell. Thank-you

    Sincerly YOurs, Graham Allwood

  3. I could make either, but Tuesday is probably better as I am already in town and like to stay out in the boonies when I am off!

  4. Hi..tues is the best day for me too...we need to get everyone out and get things rolling and decide on our first show! etc....Dawnna