Friday, February 3, 2012

Les Vogt Clinic-focus TURN AROUND

Picture (taken from Les Vogt's website)

Here is a you tube link I found on a clinic with Les Vogt helping participants on working their horse in the spin. Some good advice, and I like this clip because you get to see a variety of riders and horses. It's a bit long (just over 10 minutes), so may take a bit to upload, but worth the wait. Would love some comments on this one!! Love the opening segment too! You can visit Les's website for more information on him and his program as well as get access to more free reining training clips


  1. I have had the chance to ride with Les, He was great....we can all learn things with open minds... Dawnna Robertson

  2. LOL! He sounds like a fun clinician!-Tells it like it is...