Monday, January 3, 2011


Dawwna winning Beginner A in Kamloops
Ellie showing her spinning form
Ronnie at BC Summer games
Mandy at our riding night
The sliders booth at the 100 Mile Horse Bazaar
Clinician Vern Sapergia
Bella at the Lynda Smith schooling show

Happy 2011!! The Sliders have had another successful year, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your contributions to the club. Some noteworthy accomplishments this year include.
1) Many members participated in reining competitions this year with postive results including our president, Dawnna winning the Beginner A Class in Riverslide, Ellie winning the Beginner Freestyle class in Prince George, and Ronnie winning at the BC Summer Games.
2) We held 2 very successful clinics in 100 Mile. Lynda Smith gave a 2 day clinic, as well as judged our first schooling show. In the fall we hosted a Clay Webster clinic, that was attended exclusively by Slider members. As well many members took advantage of other clinics and schooling shows, including clinics by Vern Saperiga, Carl Woods, and Amanda Self.
3) We hosted the 2nd annual 100 Mile Horse Bazaar as well as a dinner/auction, which were both successful fund raisers for the club.
4) Despite difficulty finding a consistent place to ride, we still managed to get together fairly regularly to ride in a fun, non-judgmental atmosphere, supporting each other in reaching our own personal riding goals.

I will begin to add regular posts to the blog as we gear up for the 2011 season, so get yr' boots and spurs on and let's go reining!

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