Monday, January 3, 2011

The Benefits of Membership

As you are considering rejoining the Sliders again for the 2011 season I would like to point out some of the benefits of membership-not only with our club, but as a chapter of the Western Canadian reining Association.
As a chapter of the WCRA, we enjoy the following:
a) falling under their insurance coverage-therefore we as a chapter do not have to pay for our own insurance
b) the opportunity to compete in WCRA sanctioned reining shows at discounted rates, and are eligible for year end high point awards
c) being associated with the most recognizable reining association in western Canada gives our chapter credibility and exposure though our parent organization
As a member of the Sliders you enjoy the following:
a)an opportunity to build relationships with a dedicated and enthusiastic group of people excited about the sport of reining and motivated to learn more and promote the sport of reining in 100 Mile and surrounding communities
b) reduced fees to the membership in the WCRA
c) a group membership to "Reining Training Online"-a website with with hundreds of reining training videos. All members will be given a password to access the site. (a $156.00 6 month fee paid by the club)
d) reduced rates and priority access to any clinics and shows hosted by the sliders
e) the opportunity to ride together in a non judgmental and supportive atmosphere

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? GET YOUR WCRA AND SLIDERS APPLICATION COMPLETED TODAY! Forms are available from Bella (e mail at or call 397-7770. (All members must also be members with Horse Council BC) Memberships are all due for renewal as of January 1st.

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