Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Reining just for AQHA??

Top: Haflinger Reining
Picture 2: Appaloosa Reining
Picture 3: Clydesdale Reining
Picture 4/5 : Mules Reining 

When one thinks of the classic reining horse, the vision that comes to mind for most is of the compact, athletic, dependable Quarter Horse. However, it is important to recognize that ultimately, reining is really about good horses, and good horsemanship. Any horse can be taught the basic reining moves and will become a better horse as they learn how to be supple, and how to respond to subtle cues from the rider, and any person  who spends time learning about reining and how to develop a reining horse, WILL improve their overall horsemanship skills. These thoughts are important to keep in mind when considering:
a) the type of horse you currently own
b) the goals you have for yourself and your horse
c) your motivation for becoming involved with a reining club 
d) any future purchase of a horse
e) any future breedings you may be considering

Check out this youtube clip of a 2007 German Open Reining Haflinger Horse winner!!

At 100 Mile Sliders, we encourage and welcome all riders regardless of your skill level, past experience,  ANY type of horse you own (or mule as it may be!) to get involved with our club, and with the sport of reining!

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