Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Announcements from our First Sliders AGM

Top-Our Treasurer, Shelly Cameron
2nd-The girls at the Sliders booth 2009 Horse Bazaar
3rd-Our 2010 Vice President, Randy Brodaway
4th-Our 2010 President, Dawnna Monks

Congratulations to our new executive for the 2010 season!
President-Dawnna Monks
Vice President-Randy Brodaway
Treasurer- Shelly Cameron
Secretary/WCRA contact-Isabella MacQuarrie

Thanks for all the support and encouragement in 2009! With the commitment and enthusiasm displayed by our leadership team, I'm sure we'll continue to grow and develop as a active chapter of our parent WCRA organization!

Other News From the AGM:

-The building inspector was to inspect the Agriplex on February. Depending on the outcome of that inspection, the Rotary Club will be handing over the reins to the user groups pending approval. Updates as to the status of the Agriplex will be posted here as I become aware of new developments

-This year, the Bazaar will be held at the 105 Arena March 27-28th 
- currently we have 3 sponsors-Grassland Equipment, Marine RV, and The Farriers Pub
-Saturday Dinner Auction at the Farriers Pub. Tickets to the auction will be sold through our Sliders Booth at the Bazaar. WE ARE IN NEED OF DONATIONS!!
-John McConville will run the door, Randy will be on the floor, Bella, Tiffany, and Kim will be organizing and manning the Sliders booth. ANYONE WISHING TO VOLUNTEER THEIR TIME TO ANY OF THESE AREAS, WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!
-Stalls are available for $20.00 for sale horses/stallions
-Demonstrations currently confirmed include:
Reining-Wildwood Reining
Pack Horse Demo
Team Roping Demo
Jumping Demo 

Saturday am-Stallion Parade
Sunday am-Sale Horse preview

-There are limited power outlets at the arena, so vendors will need to take that into consideration when setting up displays!!

-First night was February 4th. Reportedly, we had 5 devoted riders out, as well as some people dropping by to check it out. 
-Our rides are at Lakeside Equestrian Center (formerly the 105 arena).
-$10.00/ride from 5-8:00 pm
-Please have your 2010 Horse Council Membership available when you come to ride!

-A separate meeting date was decided on, in order to brainstorm and discuss ideas for upcoming events that we may want to host this season. If you are interested in being involved with this please plan to attend a meeting WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 10th at the RED ROCK CAFE, 6:00. Initial discussions included offers of clinics from Lynda Smith, Sherri Thomson, Amanda self, Clay Webster, and Gus Evangolopois. We will also discuss schooling shows, fund raiser ideas. 


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