Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy New Year-A Look Back, and Looking Forward...

Picture Top: Graham and "Crimson Fire"
Picture Middle: Randy and some of his fans!
Picture Bottom: Dawnna doing what she does best...

WOW! It's 2010, and what a year we had in 09! We're up and running again, our thoughts looking towards our goals for the new year, and all we hope to accomplish.
Congratulations to some of our members for some memorable accomplishments in 2009, notably,
1)Dawnna Monks on achieving her goals of competing and winning in numerous disciplines, including reining, barrels, gymkanah, WP-is there anything you CAN't do, Dawnna!!
2) Mandy Pincott- for competing and winning second in the 3 year old Non Pro Snaffle Bit Class at the Canadian Supreme in Working Cow Horse
3) Graham Alwood-for competing in the Open Trainer level 3 year old class at "Reining in the Sun" on client horse, "Crimson Fire".
4) Kim MacDonad- on the completion of her indoor arena
5) Elli Meinhart- on completing an internship with professional reining trainer, Todd Bergen
6) Randy Brodoway- on being named "Horse Person of the Year" by BC Horse council. As well, our own past president of the WCRA, Sharon Hall was also named "Bob James Award" winner, in recognition of her volunteer contributions to the horse industry. To have 2 of our WCRA members both winning prestigious awards from BC Horse Council is truly outstanding! CONGRATULATIONS!!
4) All other members that took the chance to join our club, and take the first step in learning about the exciting discipline of reining, and achieving your own personal riding goals
Click the link to read about Randy's accomplishment!

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