Monday, January 11, 2010

Eagle View Equestrian Center Upcoming Schedule

Here is the upcoming schedule of events at the Eagleview Equestrian Center. As I understand it, the "Cow Clinic" and Connected Riding Clinic are both full, but they are open to auditors.

Feb 13, 2010Sat1:00 PM BCBRA Barrel Race 

Feb 14, 2010Sun1:00 PM Club Fun Day 

Feb 21, 2010Sun1:00 PM Gymkhana 

Feb 27, 2010Sat1:00 PM BCBRA Barrel Race 

Feb 28, 2010Sun1:00 PM Buckle Series Cattle Sorting 

Mar 20, 2010Sat9:00 AM James Allan Cow Clinic 2 day clinic $150 including lunches
Call Lana (250-989-8998) or Lori (250-392-2584) to register.

May 7, 2010Fri9:00 AM Sue Falkner-March Connected Groundwork & Riding Clinic
May 7, 8 & 9
 3 day clinic working on Connected ground work/riding, Centered Riding and TTEAM work. Riders: $350/each $100 deposit required (limit 12); Participating Auditors: $150/each $50 deposit required (limit 12).

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