Monday, May 25, 2009

Sherri Thomson Clinic

Picture (lft to rt) Kerri and "Maddie", Sharon and "Rein" Bella, "Jewel" and Casandra, Casey and "Nikki" (Casey had put his horse away), Sherri and 3 year old futurity prospect, "Trickshot", Kim and "Tyme"  missing-Ellie, who came out in the afternoon to help round out our group (click on picture to see larger image)
Thanks to everyone who came out and participated in Sherri's clinic. By all accounts everyone came away with lots of new ideas and were inspired by Sherri's knowledge and demos. We hope to offer more opportunities like this for the club, but in order to make these clinics financially viable, we need more member participation!! We have some ideas about format that we'd like to discuss with club members that will maybe improve turnout....


  1. I had a wonderful day at the Sherri Thomson clinic! I think she is a wonderful coach for building confidence, as she gives lots of positive feedback, and at the same time patiently targets the problem areas. A big thank you also to Bella, Phil, and Randy who gave me a ride to an from the clinic when my truck broke down. Overall a fantastic experience! Kim Mowatt and Tyme

  2. This was such a great experience! Being a greenie to reining and feeling quite intimidated, I feel Sherri created a relaxed environment where I was able to learn so much and let go of being self conscious. Sherri has great skill to meeet the needs of a very diverse group. I can't wait for her to come back! Thanks to Bella, Randy, Sherri and Cassandra for making this happen it was so inspiring.
    PS "Maddie" was such a gentle and patient teacher herself, it is a real privelege to ride her.

  3. Thanks for the comments. ladies!! Glad you found the clinic a good experience!! Spread the word, and lets hope we can do it again, soon!