Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Getting to Know Each Other

Top-Bella, Phil and Casandra with horses, Josie, Jiminey, and Maddie (and dog, Maggie)
Middle- Bella and Jewel, with grandson, Mason and Foxy
Bottom- Bella and Phil

So as I was writing my last post, I was thinking it would be nice to get to know each other a bit better. We need to have a social get together (sooner than later) but in the meantime what I would like, would be for each of you to e mail me a little bio on yourself along with a few pictures, and I will post your info up here on the blog. That way, we can put faces to names when we see each other!!
You've already read and seen enough of me on here, but thought I'd go first just so you know what I'm kind of looking for....

So my name is Bella, and we moved up to the Cariboo about eight years ago from the coast. I'm a teacher, and so is my partner, Phil (although he just retired this year). We bought a beautiful ranch in the Interlakes, with a plan to breed a few horses. We named our ranch "Brushstroke Paint Horses". My daughter, Casandra (whom you have also seen a lot of on this blog), was getting into reining, and was working with our trainer Sherri. We focused our breeding on APHA horses, with performance bloodlines. Now that Casandra is done school, I've decided to focus a bit more on my own horse interests, and hence the involvement with the reining club. I've been around it now for years, so I have some background knowledge, but want to put it to the test on the back of a horse. Jewel is our APHA mare that Casandra competed on, so I have the luxury of riding a horse that knows way more than me! I look forward to developing my skills as a rider, and doing a bit of competing along the way...
We also enjoy the Cariboo lifestyle-trail riding, canoeing, fishing, photography, and all things outdoors!
Now it's YOUR turn!! Don't be shy!! E mail me your info, and I'll post it here!!
A little incentive -the first 5 members to e mail me will win a little prize!!

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