Friday, April 24, 2009

What A Turnout!!

Six On FRIDAY...

1. WOW!
When I showed up at 7:00 on Thursday, there were about 8 people riding in the arena, and I didn't know any of them!! Apparently, according to Randy who was at the arena at 4:00 (thanks Randy) people came in 3 "waves" to ride, and we had 5 new paid members sign up. How Exciting!! I will post up new member names as soon as I get the info from Tiffany, and add them to our e mail mail out. 

2. Congratulations to Tiffany on the purchase of her new horse "Bandit", a 12 year old APHA gelding (yeah for the paints!!). Bandit comes from Carl Woods stable and by the looks of last night he's got a few reining moves to show off! Apparently Dawnna also got a new baby??

3. Tiffany and Dawnna will have a chance to put their horses to the test this weekend, as they travel to Armstrong for an AQHA schooling show on Saturday, and then on the Pritchard to the Brandt Ranch for a reining schooling show on Sunday. They have instructions to take lots of pictures so we can post them here in cyberspace!! Good luck, ladies, and good on you for getting out in the show pen!!

4. Dawnna and I talked briefly last night about organizing an actual meeting, now that our club is getting off the ground and we have a blossoming membership. This would be a chance to introduce ourselves to each other, and set some direction for the club. We will try to get this organized for the near future, and will post information here, as we get closer to setting a time/date. If anyone has ideas of when/where to have a meeting please let me and/or Dawnna know, and we'll work to accommodate as many people as possible.

5. Participant forms for Sherri's clinic on May 23rd are now available. Randy and I  both have some and I can e mail one out to anyone planning to attend. 

6. Commenting on this Blog...I'm not sure why, but some people are having difficulty posting comments on this blog. If you would like to post a comment PLEASE DO SO! Simply click on the "comment" link beneath the post, and type your comment in the box. If you run into problems, try posting as "anonymous". You will find this on the drop down menu beneath the comment box, where you would post your comment. If you use Anonymous, DO leave your name on your post so we know that it is you posting the comment. I'll try to make this more user friendly, as I would like this to be a site where we can do some dialoguing!! Any "techies" out there that have any suggestions for me to make this easier, would be appreciated!

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