Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Friday Night Rides are back

(Pictures Top- Miss Sugar Talk with baby, "Brushstrokes Van Goh", Bottom- "Gay Bars Major Twister")

So we are back in action this Friday (April 3rd) night!!  Plan to come out anywhere from 6:00 and on. We hope to see new (and potential new) members out as well! Welcome to the club, Gerhard and Martina-we look forward to having you involved with your knowledge base and experience in reining, (as well as your trainer reiners), and welcome also to new member, Debbie! We now have 11 total paid members! YEAH!!

By the way...Spring is coming...REALLY!! These 2 babies above were born on April 1st and 2nd two years ago, and it was well into the -20's on BOTH NIGHTS!! In fact poor little Van Goh froze off the tip of his ear it was so cold!! That year it was so cold for the first 2 weeks of April, we couldn't get the blankets off these 2 for any more than a few minutes....

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