Thursday, February 26, 2009

Membership Stuff

(Picture- our filly Twister day 12 at the trainers!)

I just got the forms from WCRA regarding requirements to be a Chapter.

1. A list of our executives plus contact info:
President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chapter Director-WCRA 

2. A list of all of the club's activities eg.
Clinics, Lessons, Competitions, Social Events, Meetings, Member Rides

3. Description of all fund raising activities

4. Highest bank balance expected in current year

5. A current WCRA membership list

Chapters require a minimum of 5 WCRA members in good standing. All chapter members must be WCRA and HCBC members. WCRA Chapters act as Standing Committees of WCRA. To meet the requirements of the Societies Act and the insurance policy conditions, Chapters must conduct themselves according to WCRA Rules and Regulations at all times and all business and/or activities of the Chapters must be approved by WCRA. All memberships are due for renewal January 1st of each year.

I will bring all the paperwork on Friday night and hopefully, people will sign up and get forms filled in and sent off right away!

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