Monday, April 19, 2010


PICTURES: (Click on photos for a larger image)
1 Some of the auditors who came out to watch
2 Crystal Grier and "Maverick"
3 Jill Imrie and "Misty"
4 Vern and Casandra
5 Vern getting a stop on "Little Wolf"
6 Louise and "Honey" perfecting their spin
7 Vern watching Casandra and Jewel spin
8 Follow the Leader! Vern and Sharon
9 Sharon and her stunning 3 year old, "Little Wolf"
10 Vern Sapergia "That's how you do it!" Something Vern was heard to say many times over the course of the weekend!

WOW!! What a whirl wind month it has been!! First the Horse Bazaar, the next week end Carl Woods, the next, Lynda Smith, and this past weekend, Vern Sapergia!! Not to mention the numerous other clinics and schooling shows that were also running over the past month in other locations. For anyone interested in learning about reining and or wanting to improve their horsemanship skills, there is no shortage of opportunities here in the Cariboo!! And if you haven't had enough yet, check out the Brandt Ranch schooling show next Sunday, the Prince George Reining Show the first weekend in May along with a Doug Mills Clinic in Williams lake that same weekend, and the first WCRA show, Rockslide, the second weekend in May!! See the sidebar for links to all these upcoming events/shows...
Casandra and I had the opportunity to attend the Vern Sapergia clinic held at Sharon Gates wonderful facility in Hanceville this past weekend. It was an excellent clinic, and Casandra got tons of opportunity to ride and learn with Vern in 3 separate sessions over the course of the weekend. It was nice to see that a lot of the basic concepts that we learned from Lynda were reinforced by Vern in his teaching program. Hopefully, Casandra will pass on some of what she learned in our Thursday night riding sessions!!
A ton of thanks, to Sharon for giving Casandra the opportunity to participate in this clinic, and to Crystal for offering us a place to stay!!


  1. Great pics!! I have almost the same picture of Vern and Casandra! E-mail me if you want me to send you some of the ones I took.

  2. That would be awesome, Shari! What is your e mail address??

  3. Bella and Casandra it was great to meet you and the others ( at Sharons )and hey, I still think Casandra's got a Singing or Broadcasting thing going for her too.

  4. Nice to meet you too, Brandi plus all the rest of the crew...maybe Casanda needs to explore that career option-other ones don't seem to be working out lately....