Wednesday, April 21, 2010


1. Sherri Thomson and Niki
2. Casandra and Cowboy
3. Amanda Self
4. Tiffany and Bandit
5. Austin Selhof and Marv

Entry packages are now available for RIVERSLIDE. The second in the WCRA high point series reining shows. The show starts FRIDAY JUNE 4th and goes until SUNDAY JUNE 6th. ENTRY DEADLINE IS MAY 19th. Dawnna, Tiffany, Mandy, Casanda and I all showed last year at this show. The footing for reining is superb, there is a great atmosphere, and it is not to far away for us Cariboo reiners. There is a full slate of modified classes for us beginners, and on Saturday night, they are having a fun games/team competition, with proceeds going to support the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation! Sounds like fun!! How about a 100 Mile Sliders Team?? You girls who are also doing the barrels/gymkhana circuit should make for a pretty competitive team!!

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