Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's Show Season! How's your wrapping skills?

PICTURE: Casandra wrapping Jewel

Here is a nice little short video from youtube, explaining the basics of the hows and whys of using standing wraps.

This is a good skill for all horse people to learn! I know that I (and a few other individuals) prefer to do a much neater and tighter job when pre-wrapping the wraps themselves. If any one has other wrapping tips they would like to share, please include a comment in the comments box! I think Casandra starts the wrap by tucking the end into the pad? (Correct me if I'm wrong, Casandra...)


  1. ya i could use some tips, I do it wrong all the time so Mandy always has to fix it for me:) one of those things you never did living out west!!! tiffany

  2. I imagine with Mandy's nursing background, she's probably a pro!! Tell us how it's done, Mandy!!

  3. it always helps if you pre load your wrap your bandage so the velcro is on the right side when you are Dawnna