Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Carl Woods Clinic a hit at Easy Go!

TOP- Carl Woods-(taken from Carl's web site)
BOTTOM-Easy Go's lovely indoor arena, in Lac La Hache (taken from Easy Go's website)
It is nice to see that we are getting more people taking the opportunities available locally from some of the top quality clinicians that have been putting on local clinics. Thanks to EASY GO Ranch in Lac la Hache for hosting Carl Woods this weekend. The clinic was well attended by many of our Slider members. As well, our own clinic with Lynda Smith is FULL!! So exciting!! We hope that if you have not been able to attend this clinic, you will still come out to watch, and if possible volunteer some time this weekend to help out!


  1. we had a great time at this clinic! However Carl wouldnt let me get away with much this time! Darn do you think he is catching on? Ellie and Karina were great host.Looks like all and all it was a great success,look forward to the next one.

  2. It was an awesome day!! Thanks to Carl for all the help, and Ellie and Karina for holding it at their beautiful facilities!! tiffany

  3. it was a nice evening and a good learning experiance...can't wait to do it again...and a huge thank you to Elie for letting me sneak in at the last minute...thanks again and let me know for the next one and i will try to enter on time! Dawnna