Friday, June 3, 2011

The Latest Update on EVH-1

Here is an update from Western Horse Review, that is reporting on a Western Canadian veteranarian Conference call this morning (June 3rd).

In part, here is what they had to say regarding British Columbia...

"The update in British Columbia, from the Animal Health Centre laboratory (Ministry of Agriculture), indicated two positive nEHV-1 cases confirmed through the laboratory. These cases had either direct or indirect contact with horses that were at the Ogden, Utah competition.

It appears all of the cases and suspected cases remain in horses associated with the cutting horse industry.

All other disciplines outside of the cutting industry continue at this time to be considered low risk. The decision to cancel competitions and shows in other disciplines should be made in partnership with their associated veterinarian to develop a risk assessment of each situation. Any time we travel to a competition where there is mixing of horses from many locations there is a low risk of transmitting infectious diseases. Biosecurity measures should be followed. Excellent resources on biosecurity protocols for the equine community can be found on the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association website and the Alberta Equestrian Federation website.

The next conference call is scheduled for Wednesday June 8th, 2011. If any local veterinarians would like to participate they can contact the office of the Chief Provincial Veterinarian for further information."

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